Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just for Fun; Swimming is the Best Exercise

Just for Fun; Swimming is the best exercise

"Swimming," said the boy's know-it-all cousin."is the best exercise. It can keep everyone slim and trim!"

"You think so?" mumbled the boy. "Then how come I've never seen a skinny whale?"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Earthquake in Padang Sumatra

PADANG, - A major earthquake struck off the city of Padang on the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island on Wednesday, damaging houses, bringing down bridges and starting fires, a witness said. It was unclear if there were any casualties.

The 7.6 magnitude quake was felt around the region, with some high-rise buildings in the city state of Singapore, 275 miles (440 km) to the northeast, evacuating their staff. Office buildings also shook in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre cancelled an earlier tsunami warning. Japan said no tsunami was expected there.

“Hundreds of houses have been damaged along the road. There are some fires, bridges are cut and there is extreme panic here maybe because water pipes are broken and there is flooding in the streets,” said a Reuters witness in the city.

Phone lines were down. Padang, the capital of Indonesia’s West Sumatra province, sits on one of the world’s most active fault lines along the “Ring of Fire” where the Indo-Australia plate grinds against the Eurasia plate to create regular tremors and sometimes quakes.

A 9.15 magnitude quake, with its epicentre roughly 600 km (373 miles) northwest of Padang, caused the 2004 tsunami which killed 232,000 people in Indonesia’s Aceh province, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and other countries across the Indian Ocean. The depth of Wednesday’s earthquake was measured at 85 km (53 miles), the United States Geological Survey said.

It revised down the magnitude of the quake from 7.9 to 7.6. A series of tsunamis earlier on Wednesday smashed into the Pacific island nations of American and Western Samoa, and Tonga killing possibly more than 100 people, some washed out to sea, destroying villages and injuring hundreds.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The legend of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo, together with Mount Tengger and Mount Semeru, is one of the most beautiful places of interest in East Java. Watching the sun rises from the crest of Mount Bromo is a very exciting experience for the tourists coming to this mountain. To reach the area, which is about 2392 m above sea level, people usually take a bus or a car as far as the village of Ngadisari. From there, a pony ride will take tourists to the rim of the mountain. It is an active volcano, and the people from surrounding areas bring various things as a sacrifice to the fire god, Betoro Bromo. The legend goes as follows:
Hundreds of years ago, during the reign of the last king of Majapahit, Brawijaya, one of the King's wives gave birth to a girl, who was named Roro Anteng. Later this young princess married Joko Seger, who came from a Brahman caste. Because of an unfortunate situation the couple was forced to leave the kingdom. They settled down in the mountain area. They ruled the area and named it "Tengger", which was derived from the couples' names: Roro Anteng and Joko Seger.

After several years the region flourished in prosperity, but Roro Anteng and Joko Seger were unhappy because they did not have a child. Frustrated, they climbed the top of the mountain and prayed night and day hoping that the gods would listen. The prayer was heard and Betoro Bromo promised them many children. However, the couple had to promise that they would sacrifice their youngest child in return.

Roro Anteng gave birth to a child, then another, and another. In the end Roro Anteng and Joko Seger got 25 children. Soon it was time for them to sacrifice the youngest child, Kesuma, but the parents just could not do it. They tried to hide the child, but an eruption happened and Kesuma fell into the crater. There was silence before they heard a voice: "I have to be sacrificed so that you will all stay alive. From now on, you should arrange an annual offering ceremony on the 14th of Kesodo (the twelfth month of Tenggerese calender."It was Kesuma's voice.

Kesuma's brothers and sisters held the offering ceremony every year. Instead of a human being, these people collected fruit, vegetables, rice and meat to be offered to the gods. And this has been done generation after generation until today.
Taken from A Guide Book for Tourism: East Java

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earthquake in Jakarta

Tasikmalaya, (TVOne)

Earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale (SR) rocked the southwest of Tasikmalaya. According to the Meteorological Agency, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG), the earthquake occurred at 14:55 pm.

Earthquake shocks felt in Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Pelabuhan Ratu, and Banjarnegara. Earthquake tsunami potential. As a result of the earthquake is reported, the telecommunications network in Tasikmalaya disconnected. Read more...

Funny Story Part 3

Funny Story 11
Mike was not feeling well. So, he went to see the doctor. The doctor asked him a lot of questions and wrote Mike's answers down.
"What do you eat in the morning?"he asked him.
"Eggs, bread, butter, jam, and coffee," Mike answered.
"And what do you have for lunch?" the doctor asked.
"Meat or fish and bread."
"And what do you have in the evening?" the doctor continued.
"Eggs and bread."
Then the doctor said,"Eat some fruit everyday, and eat all the skin of the fruit. The skin is very good for your health. Most of the vitamins of the fruit are found in the skin. Now what fruit do you like best?" Mike was not happy. "Coconuts," he answered. Adapted from Reader's Digest

Funny Story 12
A father took his son camping to show him how to live outdoors. As the father cupped his hands into a small river, the boy cried out, "You are not going to drink that, are you, Dad?"
"Of course I am, "said the father, drinking the spring water in his hands.
"Dad, I did not mean the water,"said the boy. "I meant the tadpole."

Funny Story 13
We were gathered together, all ten of us, for our mother's 80th birthday. the conversation was on Mom's life when she was young. At that time she had to work very hard. My elder sister said, "Of course, we were practically poor because we were such a big family. Mom, why did you have so many children?"
Mother looked around at us all and said, "Well, where did you want me to stop?"

Funny Story 14

Mrs. Streisand was having a log of trouble with her skin, so she went to her doctor about it. However, the doctor could not find anything wrong with her, so he sent her to the local hospital for some tests. The hospital, of course, sent the results of the test direct to Mrs. Streisand's doctor, and the next morning he telephoned her to give her a list of the things that he thought she should not eat, as any of them might be the cause of her skin trouble.
Mrs. Streisand carefully wrote all the things down on a piece of paper, which she then left beside the telephone while she went out to a ladies' meeting.
When she got back home two hours later, she found her husband waiting for her. He had a big basket full of packages beside him, and when he saw her, he said, "Hello, sweetheart. I have done all your shopping for you."
"Done all my shopping?" she asked in surprise. "But how did you know what I wanted?"
"Well, when I got home, I found your shopping list beside the telephone," answered her husband, "So I went down to the shops and bought everything you had written down."
Of course,Mrs. Streisand had to tell him that he had bought all the things the doctor did not allow her to eat!
Adapted from Advanced Stories for Reproduction

Funny Story 15
Black  :"What are you going to be when you grow up?"

Brown :"I think I will be a writer!"
Black  :"A writer? That's hard word, isn't it?"
Brown : "No, it's easy... All the words are in the dictionary!. All I have to do is rearrange them!"

Funny Story 16
Chick  : "Why cannot astronauts go to the sun?"
Chuck : "It's too hot there!"
Chick  : "They can go there at night, can't they?
Chuck : " (Stupid!)


A Young Man and An Old Man

Some of Nasreddin's old friends were talking about the young people in their town. They all agreed that old people were wiser than young people. Then one of the old men said,"But young men are stronger than old men."All of them agreed that this was true, except Nasreddin. He said,"No. I am as strong now as when I was a young man." "What do you mean?" said his friends. "How is that possible? Explain yourself!" Well," said Nasreddin, "in on corner of my garden there is a big rock.
When I was a young man I always tried to move it, but I couldn't because I was not strong enough. I am an old man now, and when I try to move it, I still cannot."
Adapted from Intermediate Stories fo Reproduction

Funny Story Part 2

Funny Story 7
"Children and grown-ups must do their best to keep the world clean," Mr. Fox said to his class. "Sometimes we see some rubbish in the streets and we must pick it up. Sometimes we eat some sweets and we must put the wrappings in the bin. We must all work together so there's no rubbish in the world. Never throw plastic into the sea! There should be no oil in the sea. If we pour poison--oil is poison in rivers and seas--into our rivers, some fish die. This is called pollution. This weekend, see if you can find some examples of pollution and write some sentences about it."Jimmy looked worried when he went home. 
On Monday, he handed in his composition. "Yesterday we had sardines fro lunch. Mom opened the tin, but all the fish were dead because the tin was full of oil!" Adapted from Longman English Grammar Practice.

Funny Story 8
A man went to a doctor and was told he had a serious illness and would need an operation. 
"Is it very dangerous?" asked the man. 
"Yes, It is. Four out of five people have this operation die," said the doctor. "But you will have nothing to worry about!"

"Why not"

"I have already operated on four people and they have all died."

Funny Story 9
Teacher : "What three words to students use most?"
Student : "I don't know"
Teacher : "That's correct!"
Student : ????

Funny Story 10
Professor Carter visited Mr. and Mrs. Crockett on the other side of town. After a good dinner and a game of cards, he said, "I'm going to walk home now."

But Mrs. Crockett looked out of the window and said, "It's raining outside. Please stay here tonight."She went and prepared the quest room for him. After a few minutes, she came back to the living-room, but the professor was not there.

Mr. and Mrs. Crockett waited for more than 30 minutes, and then they started to go to bed. But then somebody knocked at the back door of the house.

It was the professor. He was very wet. Mr. Crockett and his wife were very happy to see him. They said,"You're here!"

"Yes,"the professor answered. He smiled and added,"I went home and got my Pyjamas."
Taken from Introductory Stories for Reproductions